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SMS sending is not working, what I'm doing wrong?
Your Clickatell account must include this "SMS API":

Please ask Clickatel to include that in your account. They will provide you with API ID that you will use to test and to work with DojoExpert.

To test do this:
Send email to:
In message body put this:
text:This is a test.

Replace the *** with your data. "From" and "to" are phone numbers in correct international format. The "from" number must be your registered number in senderID. Also, change the default password for your SMTP API and use the new password.
You should receive SMS - if not, something is wrong with your clickatell account, you should contact them. 
If you receive SMS but you can't send messages trough DojoExpert, contact us (create a ticket in support center).

 Last updated Thu, Nov 26 2015 6:51pm

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